Office of Institutional Research and Planning

The primary function of the Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) is to inform and guide planning and evaluation. IRP conducts empirical research and statistical and qualitative analyses for institutional decision-making and planning. It has responsibility for the development, maintenance, and analysis of institutionally relevant information in support of the College's planning, assessment, and decision-making activities. The Director serves as a resource person for the College’s Planning and Budget Council (PBC).

IRP analyzes data drawn from the administrative data systems of the College and conducts and analyzes surveys of students, alumni, faculty and staff, and parents. A secondary or derivative function of IRP is providing statistics and analyses that are relevant for the public; governmental legislative and regulatory entities; the COFHE and HEDS consortia to which Trinity belongs; guidebooks; and prospective and current donors, grantors, and students. Many of these statistics are available in the factbook on the IRP website.

IRP reports to the Vice President for Finance and Operations, and its "agenda," is developed in consultation with the Dean of Faculty and other senior officers of the College. Many of the most important planning and evaluation concerns of the College lie at the nexus of the academic, non-academic, and financial sectors. For example, admissions and financial aid issues should be examined within the context of the later success of students in academic programs and the financial resources and income projections of the College. Consequently, the IRP benefits from an increasing amount of coordination among and frequent consultation with the Dean of Faculty, the Associate Academic Deans, the Vice President for Finance, the Budget Director, administrative offices, and faculty committees.