Trinity College is a community united in a quest for excellence in liberal arts education. Our purpose is to foster critical thinking, free the mind of parochialism and prejudice, and prepare students to lead examined lives that are personally satisfying, civically responsible, and socially useful.

Four elements are central to the success of that quest:

  • An outstanding and diverse faculty who excel in their roles as teachers and scholars, bringing to the classroom the insight and enthusiasm of people actively engaged in intellectual inquiry.  Working closely with students in relationships of mutual respect, they share a vision of teaching as discussion – a face-to-face exchange linking professor and student in the search for knowledge and understanding.
  • A rigorous curriculum firmly rooted in the traditional liberal arts, but one that also integrates new fields of study and interdisciplinary approaches to learning.  Trinity encourages a blend of general education and specialized areas of study, and takes imaginative advantage of the many educational resources inherent in Trinity’s urban location and international ties.
  • A talented, motivated, and diverse body of students who are challenged to the limits of their abilities and are fully engaged with their studies, their professors, and one another.  Our students take increasing responsibility for shaping their education as they progress through the curriculum, and recognize that becoming liberally educated is a lifelong process of learning and discovery.
  • An attractive, secure, and supportive campus community that provides students with myriad opportunities for interaction with their peers as well as with the faculty.  The College sustains a full array of cultural, recreational, and volunteer activities, and embodies the philosophy that students' experiences in the dormitories, dining halls, and extracurricular organizations are an important and powerful complement to their formal learning in the classroom.