John P. Fracasso

JFracasso.jpgJohn “Jack” Fracasso joined the senior administration as Vice President for College Advancement on August 1, 2012.

Fracasso has had extensive experience at Yale University, where he has been the Director of Principal Gifts for the past several years; at Duke, where he was Director of Principal Gifts; at Brown, where he was Executive Director of Major Gifts and Regional Development; and at the University of Maryland, where he served as Director of International Alumni Programs and Associate Executive Director of the Maryland Alumni Association. Prior to these appointments, he held various positions at the University of Maryland as the Director of International Alumni Programs and at Brandeis, where he was an Assistant Director and Communications Specialist in the Office of Admission.

Fracasso spent his undergraduate years at Brown where he received an A.B. in English, at the University of California at Davis where he received an M.A. in Rhetoric and Communication, and at the University of Maryland Graduate School, Baltimore, where he completed all but his dissertation requirements for a Ph.D. in education-policy studies.

Fracasso is married and he and his wife have a son.​