The Long Walk at Trinity College

College Leadership

Throughout its history, Trinity has benefited from the steady hand of leadership that has helped guide the College from its inception in 1823, through the most turbulent days of world wars and social upheaval, to its place as one of the nation’s most prominent institutions of liberal arts education. 

Today, the Board of Trustees, which convened for the first time on May 8, 1823 in order to begin securing funds for the College, is charged with preserving Trinity’s mission.  The Board of Fellows, established in 1837, serves as an advisory panel to the president and senior administration.  Trinity’s key officers oversee the daily functions of the College and carry out the stated vision of the Trustees.

Trinity takes great pride in its ability to maintain equitable relationships among the many constituencies on campus.  Faculty committees and student groups participate in open dialogues with each other and with the administration in an atmosphere of honesty, trust, and common purpose.  This sense of partnership and shared values has allowed Trinity College to consistently establish and achieve ever-greater standards of academic excellence.