Board of Fellows

One of Trinity College’s oldest institutional advisory bodies, the Board of the Fellows was established in 1845 to oversee study and discipline.  It served as the College's examining body, ensuring that our high aspirations for academic accomplishment were realized.  In the late 1800's the Board launched Trinity's first comprehensive fund-raising campaign.  In 1968 it proposed the admission of women.  Throughout the 1980's Fellows members helped to develop policies on matters of great importance to residential life at the College. 

Currently, the Board of Fellows provides invaluable counsel and service to the College by advising Trinity’s administration and Board of Trustees on many crucial issues facing Trinity.  The Fellows focus their attention on critically evaluating Trinity’s strategic plan, suggest new ways to engage the College’s alumni body more effectively through academic opportunities, and recommend programs that will increase the feeling of community on-campus. 

Board of Fellows Members 2016-2017

Ernesto C. Anguilla ’99, Newton Center, MA (2017)
Stephen R. Bernstein ’77, New York, NY (2017)
Lisa G. Bisaccia ’78, Providence, RI (2017)
Kimberly Marth Bohner ’91, Lattingtown, NY (2017)   
William Decker Brick ’91, New York, NY (2018)
Thomas J. Brodsky ’05, New York, NY (2019)
Ross J. Buchmueller ’87, Mamaroneck, NY (2018)
Thomas V. Cholnoky ’79, P’13, ’16, Greenwich, CT (2018)
Maritza A. Chow Young ’97, New York, NY (2019)
Robert E. Cockburn ’90, New York, NY (2018)
Diane DePatie Consoli ’88, P’19  New Canaan, CT (2017)
Peter L. Denious ’90, Wilton, CT (2018)
Lisa Cadette Detwiler ’87, Brooklyn, NY (2018)
Peter S. Duncan ’81, P’13, ’14, Rye, NY (2019)
Jean S. Elliott ’90, Saratoga, CA (2017)
Elizabeth A. Galvin ’88, Haverford, PA (2019)
Michael Gary ’86, Exeter, NH (2017)
Trina A. Gary ’86, Exeter, NH (2017)
Julie A. Gionfriddo ’96, M’05, South Glastonbury, CT (2018)
Daniel N. Glickberg ’05, New York, NY (2017)
Jawanza J. Gross ’94, P’12, Summit, NJ (2018)
James Terry Hausman ’92, New York, NY (2018)
Jonathan E. Heuser ’93, Old Lyme, CT (2018)
Samuel H. Kennedy ’95, Wellesley Hills, MA (2017)
A. Bradd Kern ’04, Newport Beach, CA (2017)
Peter A. Krawiec ’95, Seattle, WA (2017)
LaTanya Langley ’97, Norwalk, CT (2018)
David H. Lloyd ’88, New York, NY (2019)
Gregory G. Mario ’87, Princeton, NJ (2018)
Matthew R. Marra ’95, Westport, CT (2018)
Nina Chiara McElroy ’80, New York, NY (2019)
Thomas E. McGowan ’80, West Hartford, CT (2019)
Andrew M. Merrill ’85, P’17, Norwalk, CT (2019)
Malcolm E. Miller ’90, New Canaan, CT (2018)
Joseph T. Noonan ’03, Mill Valley, CA (2018)
Andrew G. Rathmann-Noonan ’09, Washington, DC (2019)
Anthony L. Schaeffer ’78, Philadelphia, PA (2017)
Neil A. Schneider ’84, Hopkinton, MA (2018)
Peter A. Schwartzman ’88, Darien, CT (2018)
David B. Scully ’83, Locust Valley, NY (2019)
Bruce Somerstein ’79, Roslyn Harbor, NY (2017)
George H. Stansfield ’82, Paris, France (2017)
Paul J. Sullivan ’95, Stamford, CT (2017)
Katherine S. Symonds ’91, South Kent, CT (2019)
William G. Thomas III ’86, P’20, Lincoln, NE (2019)
Suzanne Tyler ’81, Bellaire, TX (2019)
Amy L. van der Velde ’89, Prospect, KY (2018)
David M. Weiner ’98, Los Angeles, CA (2017)
Amy Cecile Williams ’91, Lawrenceville, GA (2017)
Strick J. Woods ’81, Trumbull, CT (2017) 
Bryant S. Zanko ’87, P’17, Grand Rapids, MI (2019)